Avencia Consults - Diane Lightfoot (CEO, Business Disability Forum)

Chris Buckingham (Director & Co-Founder) and Charlie Gordon (Director & Co-Founder) of Avencia were recently joined by Diane Lightfoot, CEO of Business Disability Forum for the latest Avencia Consults article. Diane has extensive experience of working in the charity sector and specifically in the field of disability. For nearly 5 years she has been the CEO of Business Disability Forum, a not-for-profit member organisation that supports businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors to recruit and retain disabled employees and serve disabled customers.

How to Maintain Company Culture as You Scale

Company culture is an integral part of any business. It creates a shared identity and establishes how employees interact and work alongside each other. It also helps to create an external perception of what your company values most to clients, customers, competitors, investors and potential employees. Building a strong culture, however, takes time and effort from executives, senior leadership and HR, so, as a business evolves, it’s important not to overlook what made it great to begin with. This can be a difficult task when focusing on scaling, but there are a few key steps that companies can take to help maintain culture as they expand.

Insurers and the Digital Proposition: Lessons from Insurtech

Today’s insurance models are characterised by the customer’s needs. Personalisation, speed, transparency, simplicity and the ease of digital are becoming buzzwords. And in a market still viewed by many as confusing and consumer-averse, it’s no surprise that insurtechs pose a threat, with propositions that clarify, simplify and prioritise the customer experience. But all is not lost for the traditional insurer, who can harness the power of insurtech in several ways.

MSP: A Solution for Today and Tomorrow

With so many approaches, services and options out there, outsourcing isn’t the easiest solution to get your head around. On top of that, many providers like to baffle businesses with technical terms and unnecessary detail, when all they really want is simplicity, speed and value. In essence, MSP is the outsourcing of temporary, contract and interim hiring to support all your contingent workforce needs. Like RPO (recruitment process outsourcing), it is easily scaled up or down, and specifically tailored to your requirements.

Why RPO is the Recruitment Service You Didn’t Know You Needed

Insurance leaders are demanding more from their hiring agendas. They want access to the best talent so they can cultivate a workforce that is diverse, inclusive and innovative. But in 2018, people strategies must respond to an ever-evolving and highly competitive set of market conditions. Where most insurers are falling down is in their failure to appreciate the magnitude of the task - as well as its importance for future growth. 

Help or Hindrance? The Rise of Insuretech

The insurance industry contributes over 25% of the UK's total net worth. Yet despite accounting for a quarter of national assets, the sector is facing what PwC has called a "consumer crisis of confidence." Today, just 27% of consumers trust their insurance providers, and less than half would turn to them for advice. Many insuretech businesses are looking to exploit this lack of trust, providing a fresh approach through simplified claims processes, transparent fee structures and self-service models. Traditional insurers can't ignore the rising threat.