Avencia Workshop: Engaging Talent through Career Development Talks 


Did you know, a person will change jobs an average of 12 times during their career? Not a great statistic if you’re a hiring manager looking to boost the retention rates of your organisation.


Today, if you want to keep your retention rates high, you must engage your employees in career development talks. Put simply, if you put effort into developing the skills of your people with open and honest conversations, you’ll increase their engagement.


By providing your employees with a broader understanding of their career and the options available to them, you will boost their confidence, increase their motivation and reduce the risk of losing them to another organisation. Remember; an individual may not join a company because of an inefficient hiring manger, but they will certainly leave because of one!


Tomorrow, in an exclusive Avencia workshop designed especially for HR professionals, Executive Coach Jane Cox will explain the benefits of a career development culture and how to you can get the most of your team through these regular development talks.


We’ll be posting live updates tomorrow – but in the upcoming days, keep your eye on the Avencia blog for our key findings from the event.