Avencia Workshop: Talent Motivation and Situational Leadership

Did you know that, when it comes to employee engagement, organisational-wide factors like branding and strategy only matter to around 30% of employees?


Engagement happens at a local team level, with 70% of employee engagement being directly impacted by the relationships employees have with their team and managerial staff.


When deciding on a leadership strategy, it’s important to remember that a one-size-fits-all approach will not benefit your workforce. Learning how to adapt leadership styles to suit the individual needs of your employees will result in increased performance by as much as 18%.


In this exclusive Avencia workshop – designed especially for HR Leaders, Talent Leaders and HR Business Partners – Executive Coach Jane Cox will explain the benefits of an engaged and inclusive workforce and advise you on how to adapt your leadership style to get the most out of your team.


We’ll be posting live updates tomorrow – but in the upcoming days, keep your eye on the Avencia blog for our run-down of the event and the key things we learned.