Benefits of Predictive Analytics in HR

Have you added predictive analytics to your HR strategy yet? If you haven’t, your company is missing a trick. With the amount of data HR departments are managing, the benefits you can gain from using data-driven predictive models are endless. Here are just a few:


Improved Hiring Decision

Using existing interview data will make it easier for you to reach a decision when selecting a shortlist of candidates to interview. But not only that; predictive analytics will ensure your new workers are assigned to roles that best suit them. This will lead to more a motivated and engaged workforce – resulting in higher rates of productivity and retention among your employees.


Managing Employee Attrition

You can better assess the reasons behind employee attrition by using advanced data analytics to predict turnover rates and your employee’s reason for leaving. By utilising your advanced people data in this way, you can start to focus on ways to improve your working environment and encourage employee loyalty.


Increase Training ROI

By combining predictive analytics with eLearning, it is possible to identify historical patterns of behaviour and predict future patterns of behavior or potential development areas; enabling you to tailor your training accordingly. The result is personalised and instructional learning.


Greater Employee Insight

To maintain a happy workforce, employee feedback is vital – and using predictive analytics can accurately determine how an employee feels about their role in your company. Going way beyond basic survey collecting, predictive analytics will track employee opinions around certain topics to make it easier for you to understand their daily motivations and desire to stay in your company. You can even analyse the language being used.


For HR professionals, one thing is for sure. As more data becomes available, the use of predictive analytics will continue to thrive. And while an influx of employee data may seem daunting, Avencia is here to help you gain a better insight into talent acquisition metrics. To find out more about our services contact us on +44 (0)203 861 9360 or email