Four Ways to Tackle Gender Inequality

The world has come a long way in its journey towards gender inequality, but still – only one quarter of board room positions are filled by women in leadership roles.


According to a recent study conducted by Zircon Management Consulting, in which 44 C-suite women were interviewed about their careers, this shockingly low statistic is down to a variety of challenges women face in the workplace. We’ve highlighted four points from the study that we think you could tackle to change the mindset of your organisation:


Changing Societal Perceptions

Societal and familial expectations create pressure for women to spend less time at work and more time with children. This can often result in women being excluded from networking events - often critical to raising their profile – and in turn creates an unconscious bias for women, many of who lose out on promotional opportunities. To reduce the risk and pressure, organise events that account for any flexible working patterns and always provide plenty of notice.


Use Impact to Influence Change

Changing the attitude of your organisation needs to start at the top. Engage your CEO by informing them on the benefits of a gender balanced board room, so they can empower you to implement strategies to ensure women in your business feel understood and involved. Nothing will happen without a CEO as a visible advocate.


Encouragement of Mentorship

Encourage your female workforce to seek out a mentor. Better yet, show them the support they need by coaching your business leaders and line managers to adopt a situational leadership style. Get to know your workforce on an individual basis so you can find a management style that suits them and encourages their development. By adapting a coaching leadership style, not only will you further engage your workforce, you will boost their confidence.


Encourage Empowerment

In challenging environments where societal pressures still exist, many highly skilled individuals may lack confidence – which could prevent them progressing to the next step of their career. Change the mindset of these individuals by encouraging them to reach their potential. Engage your workforce in conversations that will encourage them to recognise their strengths.


While implementing change may be a daunting prospect, Avencia is here to guide you. Following on from our workshop on situational leadership, Avencia will be hosting a further coaching session on career development conversations, designed for HR professionals to attend with line managers from the business. If you’d like to register your interest in the workshop email us at