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How to Engage and Retain Millennial Talent

Developing and maintaining an effective hiring and retention policy is a high priority for the majority of successful businesses. With this in mind HR departments should pay close attention to their strategy for attracting millennial talent (those born between the early 1980's and late 1990's), as by 2025, they are likely to comprise 75 percent of the workforce (Forbes).

Adapt your Approach

A one size fits all approach to recruiting will not work if your organisation is looking to attract a multi-generational workforce. Take time to review current job descriptions to ensure they don’t just list off the responsibilities of the role. Use them as a tool to describe your business, its culture and unique offerings.


Professional Development Opportunities

Millennial's are keen to advance their career and boosting their current skill set is high on their agenda. When applying for open roles a report by Gallup revealed that 59 percent of millennial candidates prioritise opportunities to learn and develop versus 44 percent of Gen Xer's and 41 percent of baby boomers.

There are multiple ways in which businesses can provide employees with L&D opportunities such as; coaching and mentorship programmes, flexible e-learning courses and cross-departmental training.


 Always Maintain Transparency

Promoting a culture of trust and openness should be incorporated in every organisations retention strategy for millennial talent. By providing insight into the objectives of each team and the company as a whole, employees are found to be more motivated to deliver upon and achieve set goals.


A survey by Deloitte highlighted open communication as a main measure in millennial workplace satisfaction - "Open and free-flowing communication was present at work for 47 percent of millennial's who were happy with their jobs. It was present at just 31 percent for people who were dissatisfied.”


Flexible Hours

The offer of an agile working environment is considered another important deciding factor for most millennial's, with 70 percent stating it would make a job opportunity more attractive (Forbes).


Employers who provide flexible working opportunities also tend to build greater trust and confidence among their employees by allowing for ownership of their time and schedule.


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