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Spring Clean your HR Strategy

Spring is in sight, which means now is the time to revisit your HR strategy. We've compiled a list of key trends you should be taking advantage of as we enter the new financial year. 


Total Talent Acquisition for SMEs

Total talent is gaining momentum in the UK and Europe. No longer a preserve of large multi-nationals and mass users of contingent workers, it gives HR, Talent and Recruitment Leaders a holistic, data-driven view of the workforce. With total talent acquisition, you can streamline processes, develop deeper talent pools and increase candidate engagement levels.


Predictive Analytics

The use of predictive analytics is on the rise. With the vast amounts of people data now readily available, HR can now analyse hiring trends and candidate profiles to source the right people. Existing data can also be used to identify skills gaps and unlock the secret to increased levels of morale and motivation.


Workplace Well-being

Employee well-being will continue to sit high on the HR agenda, with an increasing number of employees reporting being unable to switch off after leaving work. This always-working frame of mind creates an uneven work-life balance and is a key factor why a study by Deloitte found 40% of workers are stressed in their jobs.

Improve your office environment by giving employees a voice. Make them feel heard when they are suffering with stress, especially if it is negatively affecting their productivity, health and family stability.


A-typical Working

Flexible working culture will continue to grow, with more non-tech-based professionals demanding more flexibility to their schedules. By allowing flexible working, you will not only improve the well-being of your staff – you’ll build better relationships, which will result in a more engaged workforce.

Find out what collaborative working platforms are available for your company and establish a remote-working policy for your team. This will keep your employees happy and give you competitive edge over the competition.


Growth of the Contingent Workforce

If you want an agile business, your workforce should contain both permanent employees and external contractors. Not only is a contingent workforce much easier to source and onboard, but permanent employees can learn and develop valuable skills when working on projects with specialist contractors.

That said, a growing contingent workforce places an increased burden on HR. You will need to appoint someone to handle the sourcing, onboarding and tenure management necessary when engaging a contractor. And when changes in IR35 legislation come into effect in April 2020, HR teams will also need to consider the employment status of their contractors.


Continued Digitalisation of Recruitment

The recruitment process is going digital - and for good reason. You can save costs by automating repetitive, process-driven tasks with the introduction of chatbots and reach more candidates through digital marketing campaigns. It’s great for the candidate too. The use of mobile apps and LinkedIn profiles massively reduces the amount of time it takes to apply for a role.


By failing to work towards these key trends, your organisation risks being left in the shadow of your competitors. And while switching things up doesn’t come without challenges – we are here to guide you along the way.

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