Avencia asks: Laura Muir


Introducing the fourth blog in the Avencia Asks series, designed so you can get to know us a little better. Today, we will be delving into the career and daily life of Laura Muir, Avencia’s Senior Client Services Manager.


Laura, how long have you been working at Avencia?

I joined Avencia in July 2019.

I have over 15 years’ experience within the recruitment industry, initially working in agency recruitment for 10 years and then transitioning into the world of RPO in 2014.


What attracted you about Avencia?

I have known Charlie, one of Avencia’s founders, for many years and he introduced me to this exciting new Insurance specialist RPO that he was setting up.

One of the main attractions of Avencia was being able to utilise my previous experience within recruitment, RPO and the Insurance industry, whilst also providing the chance to be entrepreneurial in a new start-up business. It was a unique opportunity that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.

Once I’d met the team and began to understand the culture, the vision for the organisation and the kind of service that they wanted to offer to their clients, I knew I wanted to be part of it. 


Can you describe your role in a little more detail?

I manage the Client Services division for Avencia and act as Account Director on a portfolio of our clients.

My role is positioned as one between our clients and our business, working with our clients to understand their Talent Acquisition departments. This includes ensuring there is a strong relationship and understanding of our key stakeholders needs; analysing and presenting MI to understand the metrics driving Talent Acquisition and using analysis to suggest areas of improvement and efficiencies. As well as driving cost savings through direct hiring strategies.

My role is strategic and therefore projects I am working on evolve and change depending on our client’s requirements.

From an internal Avencia perspective, I face off to a number of different teams within the organisation. I work closely with our Business and Systems Solutions team, acting as a conduit between our onsite teams and the more technical side of the business. This allows me to translate requirements back to create solutions for our clients and also to present new ideas driven by our Business and Systems Solutions team.

My role is forever adapting and evolving; looking at our processes and efficiencies and ensuring best practice in everything we do.


How does the Client Services team support their clients?

The team manage the day-to-day recruitment activities. Focusing on delivering cost-savings to our clients and ensuring we are providing a best in class service.

They drive efficiency, performance and process improvements for the Talent Acquisition functions in our clients, as well as supporting on thought leadership and key market initiatives and changes.


What does a typical week look like for you?

My weeks are forever changing. I look to balance my time between clients and centralised Avencia activities, depending on what the key requirements are at that time.

From an Avencia perspective my day usually involves VCs with my direct reports and resourcing teams to drive current recruitment activity. I am also focusing on direct delivery initiatives to improve the efficiency and service that we are able to give to our clients, therefore saving them more money as a business.

On the client side, my typical week would involve a number of meetings, ensuring regular contact with our key client sponsors.

I will also be working on our client’s key Talent Acquisition initiatives. For example, diversity and inclusion agenda for selection and interview; implementation of an automated approval process and developing hiring manager stakeholder strategies.

We are also due to go live with a new client imminently, therefore I have been heavily involved in the scope and mapping of that service.


If you could describe the part you play in the recruitment process in a sentence, what would it be?

My role is to ensure that our recruitment processes are running smoothly and efficiently, therefore ensuring that both our clients and candidates receive the best possible service and experience.


What’s the best thing about working at Avenica?

Every person’s voice is heard. The flat structure provides you with the opportunity to get involved in areas you wouldn’t usually get the chance to. Since I’ve joined, I’ve been able to embark on some big learning curves, which allows me to constantly expand my skill set.


To find out more about how Avencia can assist you, drop us an email at hello@avenciaconsulting.com


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